1 Gowan Lodge
2 Gowan Manor
Sign showing sale agreed.JPG
4 Tamry Housel
5 Riverside House
6 Robbies Cottage
8 Laurelhill View
9A ORourkes Farm
9B ORourkes Farm
10 Johnnys Well 3d drawing
15 Gowan Manor Farm front
15 Gowan Manor Farm rear
Copelands 3d drawing
Barn Courtyard view.JPG
Foundations with barn.JPG
Gowan Lodge (3)
Ballygowan Road Sites (Gowan Manor and Lodge)
Blackskull Road
Blackskull Road Views
Evening sunlight on Monree Road
Farmland views
Hay Bales in Blackskull
Newbuild in Blackskull close to River Lagan
Original Features on Monree Farmland
Views of farmland along Monree Road
Derelict Hilltop Cottage - now a site
Derelict Hilltop Cottage - now a site2
Mountpleasant Hilltop Farm Panoramic View
View from Mountpleasant Hilltop Cottage
Riverside House Panorama
Monree Laneway to Tamry House
Tamry House Rear
Tamry House view to front
Tamry House view to front 2
Tamry House view to front 3
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